INPEX Lateral

Working with McConnell Dowell, FE Gas has recently completed the design, manufacture and dry commissioning of the filter and custody transfer metering skid for the INPEX gas supply pipeline for PWC.

INPEX has sought from Power Water Corporation (PWC) the supply of early gas to their LNG project to allow for commissioning of their gas fired generation plant before offshore gas arrives to the future process facilities. The solution will also allow for the capability for PWC to take "emergency" gas from INPEX as an alternative source of gas supply in the event there is a gas supply failure from the ENI Blacktip field or the WPP pipeline system. Both gas supply streams will utilise a new DN300, 200m long (approximate) buried pipeline interconnection between the Wickham Point Pipeline (WPP) easement boundary and the INPEX tie-in point interface