Our Products

  • Emergency shut-down skids
  • Filtering skids
  • Gas heating solutions
  • Pressure reducing and metering stations
  • Control Units
  • RTU
  • Turn-key projects
  • Custom gas skids
  • Engineering services
  • Site supervision
  • Preventive maintenance

FEGAS offers products for the following industries:

  • Natural Gas Transmission

  • LNG

  • Process Industry

  • Natural Gas Distribution

  • Power Generation

Our Products

  • ESD

    Emergency Shut-Down and Overpressure Protection systems

  • Filters

    Dry Gas filters
    Filter separators
    Knock-out drums


  • Heating Systems

    Heat exchanger and Boiler systems
    Electric Heaters


  • Water Bath Heaters

    Indirect Fired Heaters




  • Reducing and Metering Stations

    Pressure regulators/control valves skids
    Metering lines (orifice, turbine, ultrasonic meters)


  • Turn-key Projects

    Complete Conditioning installations




  • Industrial Gas Trains

    Design and supply of burner gas trains


  • Gas Skids

    Smaller demonstration/validation/pilot scale process gas skids